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Documentation requirements vary according to the region you will be working in and your nationality. Generally, we need the following documents:


Driving license

National ID card

Vehicle registration

Recent profile picture

Vehicle fitness certificate

Driver fitness certificate

At Trukkin, we are committed to quality for the safety of our driver-partners, transports and shippers. We will either inspect the trucks ourselves or use third-party services for truck inspection and validation.
You will need to create an account on Trukkin and complete all the formalities required. Once your account is activated, you can use your credentials to log in to the Trukkin driver app and start earning.

Report all incidents of loss/theft immediately to the nearest police station and share the police report.

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Any violation of Trukkin’s terms and conditions can cause an account suspension. Contact us if your account has been suspended.
Your safety is our priority. If you have met with an accident, ensure that everyone is safe. Immediately contact the local police and emergency services if necessary. Use our app to report specific details about the accident to us so we can fully investigate and take appropriate action. If you need help with your insurance coverage, contact us.
You will be paid once the shipper confirms receipt of goods at the end-customer location. The payment will be made directly to your bank account.
Please contact us so we can help you change your banking information for you.
You can change your profile information in the Trukkin app.
Please contact us so we can help you change your information for you.

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